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Tutorial: How to use SkinParts with SkinEdit

tldr; download SkinEdit, download Skinparts, put Skinparts in the /parts folder inside the SkinEdit directory, start SkinEdit, open Partpicker, make a Skin.

Detailed Explaination

If you have never used SkinEdit you probably think to yourself: “What the hell is going on here, what the deuce is a Skinpart”. Don’t worry, i’m making this tutorial especially for you.

First of all, a Skinpart is… well… it’s part of a skin, duh. You can use these parts to create Minecraft-Skins from scratch without ever having to draw one pixel.

Now you could download all these parts and then stack them as you like in your favorite image-editor but where is the fun in that?

This is where SkinEdit comes into play, SkinEdit is the best Minecraft Skin Editor around. In version alpha pre 5 Swedman added the excellent Partpicker, this is where you will spend most of your time if you want to use the parts on this site.

Now go and download SkinEdit, i will wait here.

Good, i take it you installed SkinEdit successfully. Inside the SkinEdit folder is another folder called /parts. This is where you have to put all the parts that you get from this site.

Now start SkinEdit. Under ‘edit’ you will find the option “PartPicker”, you can also just press ctrl-P. If you downloaded the parts to the right folder it will be filled with all kinds of stuff. Now just start you skin by clicking on the base you like and then click the left arrow button. Use the up and down-arrows to sort your selected parts.

When you are satisfied just click ok, save your skin and then upload the file to minecraft.net/skin/.

If you have questions or requests for parts, just comment here. Have fun.

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  • http://freeminecraftskins.com David

    Nice tutorial! I’d never heard of SkinParts before. It’s definitely something I’ll have to try out when I get home

  • Wheeler2217

    my parts folder is ful of parts but when i click on partpicker nothing is there


      same here

  • mason

    ty but how do i downlad you’re parts

  • mason

    cool where can i download skin parts

  • mason

    i need soom cool parts where can i download them