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v0.1 10/12/10 Basic functionality
v0.2 10/14/10 Optimised Caching & Imagecomposition
v0.3 10/18/10 further optimised caching
v0.0 10/22/10 – 11/20/10 Playing New Vegas
v1.0 11/21/10 New layout, better loading of content
v1.2 11/30/10 Uploadfunction added, registration open

v2.0 12/15/12 reworked the skingen to use canvas, 3d preview, direct use of local files


If you have questions about the use of the Armory or feedback about what could be better, leave it here.

  • CoolGuy

    this helped me make an awesome skin, thanks

  • Imitatio

    Wow, this is awesome, I love it!

  • http://freeminecraftskins.com David

    This is a really fantastic tool. I look forward to seeing what you do with it, lots of potential here!

  • WAFFLEpr0xy

    Yes!!! Epic in every way.

  • AbRaX

    Wow Man its pretty cool i love the motion of how u made the editor online and not download Good to keep great stuff like this editor from getting (edited) xD

  • patrick

    i love your website 🙂 but it wont respond to mincraft:(

  • casey

    this really worked well and i’m looking forward to using it again! 🙂

  • Magicmanp491

    i love it!

  • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

    I’ll use this page as a hub for changes and feedback from now on

  • Minecraft-Skins

    hey Pls add a link to our site Minecraft-Skins.com and we will link yours as well !

    email me at admin@spmedia.biz


  • Minecraft-Skins

    hey Pls add a link to our site Minecraft-Skins.com and we will link yours as well !

    email me at admin@spmedia.biz


  • http://twitter.com/HandOfNephthys Season Ariens-Cyr

    Is it possible to bundle certain parts that I have created and already uploaded to the site together, so that other people can choose from parts in the specific package by sending them a URL? Think of it like the regular skin creator on the main page of this website, but with parts that I specified before hand (with a specific URL to THAT skin editor with my pre-made items). I am the Admin and official skin maker for a very popular and successful server (Stix City), and I think that this tool would be extremely beneficial and is what I have been searching for.

    Please respond, and thank you for making my job that much easier!

    • http://twitter.com/HandOfNephthys Season Ariens-Cyr

      Also, I might be getting ahead of myself here, but is it possible to add that prepicked skin pack, complete with the skin editor, as a widget for another webpage? That would make this tool even MORE useful, allowing servers to have an easier way to send allow their players to pick and chose their own skin.

      Just a suggestion.

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      i’m looking into that. i also made your parts public, for now just keep on using good tags. i’m uncertain about your base though, maybe upload another version without the face and hair, just a suggestion. i will make the author and tagsearch public again so people without account who want only parts of a specific author or tag can use that.

      a package of the editor for other sites as a widget could happen. but not very soon

  • voidhuntress

    Is there any chance you could offer an alternate view for the skin generator which gives a list instead of just the tiny thumbnails, like the Skinparts link at the bottom?

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      alternative listing modes are on the to-do-list already. but that won’t come too soon

  • Kangaroocory

    I’m new here i’m just wondering how i put a whole skin up, because i’m trying to use the Son Goku skin and its not working. Tutorial please?

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      you seem to have found out. but making the ui for your own files and the upload easier to understand is one of the things i want to change in the next version

  • Terru5

    Ability to delete uploads that are mistakes.

    • mariofanatic123

      Well how do you upload in the first place?

  • Gravity Cat Amused

    Read the name 😀

  • Adkg12


  • Ray313(Adkg12)

    I hope the next version comes soon!If the new version comes out,make it easier for other people to make a Skin,i made two already:Stuff by Adkg12 or Ray313:Hunter(1) and Hunter(2),not base,a full skin!

  • Jay_walls

    What I would like is to have some sort of personal generator where you can put your own and choose specific parts that you like and put then in your own personal builder. So you can make the characters you like with your own easy to find parts.

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      great idea

  • Jay_walls

    Sorry 4 double post.
    Yes I knowyou can already put your own up but you might want to put your own dodgy, unfinished skins in your own place.

  • Jay_walls

    Almost like a little wardrobe

  • Craziej2k

    Good idea for a site, the only problem is that some of the content doesn’t match up with each other (face parts & hair) You should have a preset place for them, for example the pupils for the eyes should to be in the same spot on all of the faces

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      while that would make combination easier it would restrict part-makers in their creativity to a point where everything looks the same

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  • http://twitter.com/saviski Marcelo Saviski

    I’ve made a skin editor and included some integration with your site
    I tried to give the right credits, linking back to your site, showing author names, etc
    I hope you agree with the idea.

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      well of course i’m not a fan of your site hotlinking pics and sucking away my bandwidth (well it’s not that much, but you get my point 🙂 ).
      i’d rather see you rehost the archive and keeping credits or linking back. This way we make sure to save the skinparts archive for future generations if this server ever goes down without notice

  • SGWr

    I made a skin, uploaded it, didnt see that I could create account, made exact same skin on this account, and it sais someone already made this skin… Duh, I just made it 2 to 3 minutes prior.
    Suggestions? Help? Bugs? I’d like to get it saved to my profile =[

  • TheAwesomeMan

    the ability to download a guide to make your own skins

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      There are a ton of guides on how to make your own skin. Why would i need to make yet another one?

    • GustavJanssonPihl

      Men hur gör man ett eget skinn.

    • GustavJanssonPihl

      En GUIDE? Hur gör man det

  • Anor

    hey both the downloaded and automatic uploads to minecraft.net aren’t taking a hold… this just me or is there a problem with compatibility here? 🙂

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      works for me

  • Vortex117

    How do I delete files which I’ve uploaded?

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      you can send me a message what you want to be deleted, i won’t give normal users permission to delete any posts in the database. If you keep on uploading good parts there’s a chance i promote you to be an author instead of just a contributor.

  • Nefertititownes

    Do you download the skins? I’m new here please forgive me.

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      right click and save image as you would do with any other image on any other site

  • http://twitter.com/JD_Shadow1 Joshua Dennis

    Please add a note about not submitting mixed skins from here as their own work, or if they do to add a list of creditors for the parts of the skin. Honestly you have no clue the number of my skins i have seen people trying to take credit for. lol

    ps. this is hadowkai by the way.

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      opening up the “complete skins” category was a credit-disaster waiting to happen.

      don’t worry i’ll change it back to be private again when i get around to add hats,pants and shirts to the interface

  • Surferpro30

    can someone tell me how to custimize my own skin ive looked it up and well i want to personally make my own like draw it not copy of this website but draw what i wanna create any details please contact me at surferpro30@yahoo.com thanks

  • Xcal

    how do u upload?

    • Yayi

      How do you upload ?

  • AC_Yfn

    Pls add Emo skins and Parts 😀

  • cody

    i dont get what to type when it says:the preview library dose not exist!please select the url to downloade it: and then it says this:http://minecraft.net/skin/s kintes2.jar: so i dont understand it?
    i’ve tried tons of diffrent sites but they dont show me any good results:( but i’m just 11 so thats
    probly why lol so could u plz help me?

  • cody

    srry p.s. plz reply soon thx 😀

  • cody

    im getting jelise of the other peoples skins 🙁 i need help working it couse i used:MCSkinEdit_a3_pre5: and when i click it it dosnt show the picture in that box to the lower right that says take screenshot and in it it says preview broken so i dont see me or my charecter i should say. lol (mood frustrated/ sad) 🙁 plz eply soon thx 4 listining

  • Xnxnxj

    With skin edit can you change already downloaded or made skins

  • Kusaki

    dude……i think i just deflated.

  • zsfwaw1

    how do i download the skin parts?

  • zsfwaw1

    how do i download skin parts?

  • zsfwaw1

    can someone PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me figure out how to download the skin parts?? all i want to do is put the 😛 face on one of my skins. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! help me

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      1. download image
      2. ….
      3. profit

  • jean-luc

    ahahah lol

  • Dylanisawesome

    If i make a skin, how do i use it?

    • Felix Buechner

      upload it on your character by going to your profile on minecraft.net and choose file then upload

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004130498455 Maria Rita

        I can´t do it,when i go to upload it says that has a error

        • help

          you need to name it char and dann upload it

          • mariofanatic123

            first off, language, and second off, you don’t need to rename it.

    • Felix Buechner

      upload it on your character by going to your profile on minecraft.net and choose file then upload

    • ThisIsNotMyName


    • Arizzuhayr


    • M A Kulvet

       im wondering the same

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000580570654 Dylan Conrad

    P.s. I LOVE IT

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000580570654 Dylan Conrad

    so how do i use one that i make?

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      use the upload to minecraft function after you generate your skin or download the image and upload it to minecraft.net

  • Laurenluvstar

    lovely jubbly

  • develoment323

    i want to make a skin what do i do

  • Vuilepandabeer


  • http://twitter.com/Old_winter Darren Jones

    Side views please.

    Would be nice to see what the skins look like from the side.

  • Sem(NL)

    i can’t see the perview

  • Matt holm

    how i can’t seem to find the default skin for some reson

  • UN_Owen

    Wish I could make the arms completley clear so I would look more like a creeper.
    Sneaking up on people, commenting on how nice their bases look…

  • kolk


  • Sm182800

    i want to make a power generator setup.for that i want to use the car alternator

  • Aardwoof

    Can I upload skin parts? I have a plain skin that I made myself and I want to add parts like a hat or something for it on the armory. How would I do that?

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NRY5IU7GTB2CCJULNYN4D6KBOQ MichaelR

    i have been looking for the skin layout for animals and monsters to make a complete texture pack can someone help me with like a link or somthing?

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  • tototo

    I want a skin of harry potter but i not foud it 🙁

  • Haydensoden

    How do I upload a skin to minecraft armory?

    • Arizzuhayr

      Macam mana

    • mariofanatic123

      I feel your pain

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  • Ntrousse

    how does this work??

  • Alric Narccus

    prolly not the place to do this but dunno where else, theres a certain fox skin on here that I created and would like removed from this site as I didn’t post it and did not approve of it being posted. so if someone could delete it that would be great.

  • Sabkiwi

    hi i duzent no how to make pant skin so i wuz wunderin wetha u could tell me kuz i uploaded an avatar pig base skin but i dont have pants 4 it and i want cave man pants 4 it but no one haz posted anything yet?!……. but awesome wbsite

  • qump qump

    how do i wear the skin :O ?

  • Awesomenewb

    is there a site where you take a picture then it makes it a skin?

  • Morgan

    I tried uploading a skin but it didn’t work. Why?

  • Alexander


  • Fuck_yeah

    yeah how?

  • http://www.facebook.com/JeffersonDE Swen Neumes


  • http://www.facebook.com/JeffersonDE Swen Neumes

    hello, where can i download that Guybrush Threepwood Skin?

  • Pig


  • FlamingIceHeart

    What happens if you download a skin? O_o

  • FlamingIceHeart

    Hello (testing)

  • Stevenmartin124

    any time i change my skin it keeps spawning me as steve

  • Miktyger

    slt je me fesait des skin depui hier et tou ta coup il a des erreur je ne peu plus jénéré de skin aider moi svp.
    Hi I was depui skin of your past and all of sudden he error I jénéré bit of skin help me please.

  • Minecraft

    I can’t upload it anymore.. 🙁

  • WhatsMyName

    I cant upload my skin.. There is a Fatal Error -.- HELP!

  • flipman200


  • guest

    if i make a skin how do i use it if i have got minecraft on my pc?

    • http://minecraft.decx.org/ decx

      proceed to choose parts and make your skin,
      when you’re done, click on the “get skin” button under the skin layers, then right click the image and save it as a png file to your computer. now login to your account on minecraft.net and go to profile. there you can upload your downloaded file which will then be bound to your minecraft account. 
      if you are a cheap fuck and have a pirated minecraft you can replace the char.png in the mob directory in minecraft.jar, you can open that with 7zip, winrar or similar programs

  • Jw0912

    How can download my skin, if the button “get skin” doesn’t appear.
    Because after dowloading the skin by right clicking using “download picture”, and change the codec to PNG. Also won’t help.(I checked my webGL plugin on safari, and everything just works fine, except the 3D view of your current chosen skin)

  • 5k

    The “get skin” button dose not appear below the skin layers. it says there is some trouble with webgl; that my bowser can support it but has been disabled or something, which is probably related. I don’t know how †ø go about fixing it. please post a detailed comment because i’m tired of looking at steve. 

  • Tony_becky_mikey

    how do i use my new skin?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001719990736 Vladi Gavrilenko

    das get irgent wie nicht

  • Dimotrof

    where i have to klick when i want to upload cant find it

  • Spencercockey

    How do I download a skin from the armory to my computer

  • Danrleyramon

    como eu fasso para mandar uma pele para a galeria

  • Danrleyramon

    como eu fasso para mandar uma pele para a galeria

  • Your Mama Sucks

    i click download but it just takes my to a new blank page

    • http://minecraft.decx.org/ decx

       what browser?

  • Raresniculescu51

    I make a cool skin,what i nead to do to play wheat hem

  • Snooker59

    Il ne me propose pas de l’upload 😮


    i can make my own skins yay! :3 B)

  • Jacobschendel

    how do i make my own without have to choose parts?

  • Crimsonknight98

    The old sysetem where you could click “upload skin” and be done was better. Sorting is nice, but I think an  easy way to actually have the skin is better.

    • http://minecraft.decx.org/ decx

       i didnt have time to redesign that function for the new way the images are generated yet, but when i have some more free time i’ll make sure to add it again

  • mihail

    hey i make skin but nothing but i dont know how to use it.
    Can someone tell me how i can use it ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004130498455 Maria Rita

    How do I use the skin? O.O

  • Mikarya

    How do we pass the skins to our accout in minecraft?

  • 29oceane

    ce cite est trop styler

  • Fiduciari

    Where is the Button to save the skin?

  • Abrown8082

    how do i reset the skin to default

  • Abro_Nivela

    hey guys is there ever gonna be a way we can just download the whole archive?

  • 1jayma

    were the fuu is herobrine

  • 1jayma

    herobrine herobrine herobrine herobrine herobrine

  • Rulrich99

    Sucks put cool

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabriel.selinalmeida Gabriel Selin Almeida


  • Kai Hoop

    How do you upload your own skin parts to be publicly used?

  • Kai Hoop

    Go to a good skin editor website like minecraft.novaskin.me. Also, if you want to get skinparts, minecraft.novaskin.me supports Minecraft Armory. I never use the parts, but I make all of my skins there.

  • Creeper

    If i made my skin, how do i turn it into a normal picture and not a 3D skin format?

  • Dion Noid

    how do i reset my skin

  • Naruto

    slt comment on telecharge sont perso

  • Naruto

    dsl comment ont telecharge un peosonnage

  • guest

    He is right go to your profile and then go to your downloads and you can upload the skin!

  • Nakedpartyanimal

    how do i save a skin?

  • yddragon

    how do I even download my skin ????

  • MrGermanIdiot

    where i can download my skin?

  • hoko

    comment on enleve un habille

  • lhgfd


  • Yann.lol

    Le site est trop bien mais COMMENT FAIT-ON POUR ENREGISTRE NOTRE “skin” ?

  • Sail123vx

    How do I upload skin parts

  • Joissocool

    how do you even take of stuff you put on?

  • FantasticKevin


  • boblater

    how do i download the skin i made

  • Noah Wiley

    Where is the download button? I can’t find it

  • Noah Wiley


  • Zap Grayfog, I made 10K skins!

    Do i login in using google? oh…. nevermind….

  • http://www.facebook.com/cameron.whittingham.7 Cameron Whittingham

    where is the upload button

  • Sammannta

    If i make a skin

  • suchek102


  • suchek102

    czy yo jakas gra

  • suchek102


  • MinersCo

    how can I upload a skin to this site?

  • Statelesstuna13


  • Statelesstuna13

    How do you get a skin from your computer and mix it

  • Dyllanawesome

    I made a skin, and I cant figure out how to use it



  • GD

    how i save my skin



  • jhAVGHDVawyvdawd


  • joehhsc123

    how do u upload from the armory

  • http://minecraft.net/ MinersCo

    how can you upload to the website

  • Jake

    wtf how do ichange my skin

  • Blockgangsta

    To download and use your minecraft skin, look to the right and below the area where it shows the parts you are currently using, (this are is to the right of your screen). Hover over this area and it should say, “Download this skin.”
    You’re welcome.

  • joao


  • ydoucare

    You should write how to use the skin you just made.

  • derpington

    how do i save a skin i made to my computer

  • Redshark12


  • Redshark12

    jai céer mon skin

  • Delta

    more items maybe?

  • łukasz


  • Logan Havlicek

    Is there an easy way to download all the parts to my computer?

  • d3rp_ignify

    How do I save my skin I made? I don’t see a save button…

  • a person.net

    someone make a vid on how to use this???

  • a random skinmaker

    u suck!!!
    i just want my skin!!!
    get rid of the website if ur not going to add the download skin button!!!!

  • Richard

    you should be able to edit the skin a little after your done like i made a miner but my pick is short

  • Chizsi202

    how do i upload a skin to the armory

  • Leandro

    How im download the skin and im put im in minecraft?

  • Leandro

    de bias pore petadora

  • moon face

    how do I delete my minecraft skin account

  • IWaardyI

    for any one who is have a blank page error when you click the download skin button. it is because you are using the wrong web browser. the button works fine on Google chrome.


      ….. Ok, seriously, who makes a download that only works on SOME browsers? Its annoying and pointless.

  • lol

    Upload it on mine craft.net

  • lol

    minecraft.net *

  • JamalulisbahoOten

    How to upload the skin on mcskinsearch.com
    so the other people can use my skin without downloading or anything???

  • Larok Play PC

    Please give my the site link.

  • Some1

    I was on my MacBook and I was making a skin on Skindex. Then, once I finished I realized I hadn’t logged into my account… So I checked the whole page and I saw that there was some little words that said I could upload it manually if I hit the “Download To Computer” button. I hit it and have it opened, but I don’t know what to do next… Help…

  • MojangDojang

    Hey Guys Theres no Error The Bessst Editor EVER!! 😀 Good Job Creators XD

  • mariofanatic123

    how do you upload custom built parts onto here(for other users to use)?

    • http://bit.ly/1iefmq8 PixelPaperCraftr

      i feel your pain.

  • mariofanatic123

    I asked before, but didn’t get an answer, now how the frig do you put custom parts into the editor for others to use?

  • Bbgal

    When I did my skin, it deleted all my progress on it. How do I get it back? Am I able to?

  • Wartom22

    my skin have an error, but how i correct it?

  • o0The_End0o

    Everytime I log into my single-player game in Minecraft, my skin resets to the default, Steve. It’s really annoying because I have to log into the Minecraft website and download it again every time I want to play. Why does this happen and how do I fix it? Please help 🙁

  • Dlox

    How do i start over?


    Seriously, why can’t I just download the skins? I didn’t make a skin to stare at a blank screen.

  • http://www.seclusivecraft.blogspot.com/ OzOwnz

    Seems as though the bottom of player’s head skin is reversed. In-game it’s how it should be. Seems like a valid bug.

  • melii

    how can i reset it?

    • melii

      and i can´t take the hat off… :/

  • Poop

    its a beautiful skin

  • _pumpkin_style_

    its fun making skins

  • mleon246

    Is there a way to make the program bigger? It only takes up 1/5 of the screen and it is hard to see the addon options.

  • http://bit.ly/1iefmq8 PixelPaperCraftr

    Is it possible to upload a costume/shader if i made one?

  • juanandres


  • skins


  • TheWyvernGaming

    How do i Reset my skin?

  • dryxfade

    it wont download for me what happened I clicked download this skin I clicked it brought me to a blank page

  • 1010Gamerboy

    When i select something, it dind´t do enything! Whats wrong?

  • Erlanchos


  • Axel


    I own a network of 6 Minecraft websites and I was wondering if you are interested in a link exchange. You can check out my websites and let me know:


    Contact me at contact@minecraftinventions.com if you’re interested.


    • Jarrod Hanley

      hello, Im vp at Bionikmonkey.com and would like to chat with you if possible on working together, please shoot me an email at your earliest convenience, thanks!


  • ThatOneDudeWhoStoleYourCookie

    Can you sort extras alphabetically? It would make searching though them so much easier.

  • lelol


  • Gustavo Henrique


  • Whalien

    Hi. When I click the “Download this skin” button, it sends me to a blank page. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Black_Saturn

    Erm… How do I upload a skin part for everyone usage?

  • camron

    how do u put it on minecraft PS3

  • Clevisson


  • GorillaBBQ

    How do i upload my own minecraft skin to this website? The outfit wouldent be complete without this websites help ^.^

  • MightBeImportant

    How do I make an HD skin a normal pixelated skin?

  • Miguel

    Yo No Sei Falar Ingles

  • jonfyn03

    when I click the download skin link it takes me to a blank page

  • MudXen69

    Hey, I made a skin but i made it so it’s backwards, so my face and my body is the other way. is it possible to fix it?
    My name here is my name on minecraft so you can see

  • VIPrip

    Who make me skin? : Black jacket, pants and shoes 🙂

  • I a MC pro

    How i do upload a skin layer?

  • Noah1955

    what i use to make a skin is http://www.novaskin.com and click on skins you’ll start with a steve skin and u can make it

  • Guest

    How do I reset the skins? It won’t let me get rid of everything

    • AlfieEd

      I have the same problem

  • Diogo_XD


  • Dystrupsion


  • Katrina Naclerio

    How do i get rid of my skin ehen im done or i make a mistake

  • Midnightice

    i am midnightice from wwwponyskincraft.com

  • Midnightice

    yay yay yay yay

  • Midnightice

    thank you lord :happy:

  • Midnightice

    my skin on nova is icy

  • Midnightice


  • Alex Matsis

    are you guys gonna add some more stuff i mean it’s been 3 years since last update

  • Toast

    its wont let me download my skin when I click download skin it just comes up with a blank page pls help

  • Lolirock2.0


  • Lolirock2.0

    and you what my?
    I can t dothe same

  • Lisa

    I created a minecraft skin and it uploaded just fine, but when I went to edit the already uploaded skin and then upload it again it wouldn’t let me.The page would just refresh.

  • Jacob

    How do u delete the skin and start again from scratch.

  • Ilia AN

    hi this programs is cool?

  • Quinnen Crawford

    How do I download new skin parts from my computer?

  • Dragorin 284

    How to upload skinparts to this site ???

  • Артем Панченко (SeoProfy)


  • Wendryon Luiz Rocha
  • Wendryon Luiz Rocha


  • sikandar

    If you find some problems during changing the skin visit this link

  • sikandar