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Ranger Armor

on 2010-12-12 by decx in Full Outfits , , .
  • Napit_10

    Now if only he had a head

    • http://minecraft.decx.org decx

      it’s meant to be used with the armory skin generator so you can choose your own head

  • Doggyscreamin38

    Wait how download?

  • Jay_walls

    Wow! This is great, I had my own NCR Ranger but I instantly swapped bodies with this one! But my guy’s helmet doesn’t seem to be with the right colour scheme as mine so I’m considering havign a helmetless guy or finding a helmet that suits them. (I’m not perfect at skinning myself :p)

  • Mrfunky2000@hotmail.com

    Well this is a good skin but not toooo much detail